FERO INVEST is the only company on the Macedonian market that offers complete solutions for the construction of power plants from renewable sources: from the initial idea, through execution, maintenance of the power plant and guaranteed purchase of electricity in the future. Within the FERO INVEST group and other sister companies, various services and companies are successfully operating that competently guide the investor through all phases of the project.

Legal service

Legal service that advises and assists the client through all administrative-urban-legal procedures (needs from urban project, basic project, building permit, land ownership, roof ownership, etc.);


Design bureau specialized in the design of renewable energy sources


Manufactures metal structures and elements at the request of Fero Invest


Energy Maintenance Solution - carries out the project in the field and in the future takes care of its maintenance through a 24-hour monitoring system, in order for the power plant to continuously produce


Renewable energy supply guarantees the purchase of the produced electricity, which is expected to become the biggest problem in the near future considering the increased construction of photovoltaic power plants and the increased production of electricity from them at the same time in all capacities. FERO INVEST will give preference to the power plants built by it in the purchase of electricity in the future.

Guaranteed solution

FeroInvest guarantees a solution in the fastest time and with the highest quality components of the highest energy class AAA for the construction of power plants, and with its portfolio of 100 million euros, the company offers security for every investor.