Biogas power plants are the most predictable and reliable sources of electricity from renewable sources, for reasons that their production can be controlled and that it doesn’t depend on natural conditions, such as wind, sun or water flow. Biogas as fuel ensures that the power plant provides basic energy and this type of energy production capacities are still not sufficiently developed in number and are not sufficiently used, though the future will increasingly demand them and it is good to invest in them in time.

FERO INVEST has already built a biogas power plant with an installed power of 2MW for its own needs, and the plan is to build another one.
For its customers, it offers a complete construction service, with the installation of the necessary electronic equipment from the leading Austrian company MWM Austria GmbH.

FERO INVEST is the only company on the Macedonian market that offers complete solutions for the construction of biogas power plants: from the initial idea, through execution, maintenance of the power plant and guaranteed purchase of electricity in the future.
Within the FERO INVEST group and other sister companies, successfully various services and companies are operating that competently guide the investor through all phases of the project:

– Legal service that advises and assists the client through all administrative – urban-legal procedures;
AQUAVAT – a design office specialized in the design of renewable sources energy;
BRAKO – manufactures metal constructions and electrical elements at the request of FERO INVEST;
EMS (Energy Maintenance Solution) – carries out the project in the field and takes care of it in the future for its maintenance through a 24-hour monitoring system, aimed at the power plant continuously produce,
RES (Renewable energy supply) – guarantees the purchase of the produced electricity energy.
FERO INVEST, with its portfolio of over 100 million euros, offers security for everyone investor.

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