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We are proud of the successes achieved in the past 20 years.
Leaders in North Macedonia and the Western Balkans region in renewable energy and metal machining

About the Fero Invest group

The companies in the FERO INVEST group have vast experience and expertise in the recovery of energy sources and in the processing and production of metal components and sweepers.

“Fero Invest Turnkey” is a unique approach with an offer that offers an individual solution for each client. From the first feasibility study, through final design, construction and installation, to commissioning and control of electricity production, with a 24/7 monitoring system for quick response.

In our factories, we produce state-of-the-art ecological vehicles for maintaining hygiene in urban conditions, various machine assemblies, wire products, hospital elements and medical devices.

About 1000 people work in the group, of which 100 are top engineers from all technical fields.

We offer a complete solution for each client

Projecting and Planning

Quality design is the basis of every project. The highest quality and most experienced designers with a large portfolio of realized activities work in our group.

Realization of projects

The large number of engineers from all professions enables us to realize projects with extremely high quality. Our expert technical teams are trained to perform the most diverse installations in a short time. From the construction of various renewable sources to the most sophisticated vehicles that are sold all over the world.


Our comparative advantage is our own machine park equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines operated by highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians. Every product that is incorporated into our projects can be made in our production facilities.


Quality, speed and precision in the execution of projects are particularly important to us. Our associates in us have stable partners. We enable control and maintenance of every project we have worked on for a long period of time.
Our SCADA system in real time detects even the smallest problems during the operation of the power plants and they are removed in the fastest possible terms.

Our vision

To lead the energy transition in the decade ahead and encourage widespread use of electric and hydrogen propulsion.
With maximum robotic production, let’s take the industry to a higher level of added value.

Our mission

We build power plants from renewable sources from which we deliver green electricity to our clients, keep the world’s capitals clean with environmentally friendly vehicles of advanced technologies and produce premium metal products in multiple branches.


Fero Invest is a pioneer in the field of renewable sources, a company that was the first on the Macedonian market to start designing, building and commissioning small hydro power plants. Small hydro power plants are the most ecological way of producing electricity, because they use the natural force of water, the natural fall of the terrain and the nature in their vicinity very quickly returns to its original state. Fero Invest has participated in the construction of 60 MHE in North Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Our group has a stake in a total of 25 MHEs in North Macedonia, and at the moment we manage and maintain 46 MHEs in North Macedonia, Kosovo and Georgia. The MHEs that we manage have an installed capacity of 46 MW, and annually produce about 125 GWh of energy, that is, the amount of energy consumed by 21,000 Macedonian families annually.


FERO INVEST is a leader in the design, construction and commissioning of solar power plants. In its portfolio of built photovoltaics there are 50 power plants, on the ground and on the roof, with an installed capacity of about 60 MW and a total annual energy production of 115.2 GWh, which is the amount of energy consumed annually by 19.000 families.

Bio gas

One of the last activities introduced in our portfolio is the construction of bio gas plants. This type of power plant is particularly useful because in the production process they use natural fertilizer as fuel, from which methane is extracted, with the combination of which electricity is obtained. In addition, as a result, the same amount of thermal energy is created which can be used for heating agricultural greenhouses, and clean garbage for agricultural needs is also obtained. We built the first bio gas power plant in Saramzalino, with an installed capacity of 2 MW, and it produces about 15 GWh annually, which corresponds to the consumption of about 2500 families.


FERO INVEST produces electric substations, which can be used for power plants of renewable sources of electricity, but also for other industrial facilities, for residential buildings and settlements, and for other needs of companies and citizens.


RES is a leader in the supply of electricity on the free market. We are the only supplier that owns its own sources of renewable electricity, which allows us to offer packages tailored to each company depending on its needs, reliable delivery and the best prices on the market.


We produce the only hydrogen sweeper in the world, as well as electric and classical sweepers. Our company Green Machines is a manufacturer of premium vehicles for maintaining hygiene in urban environments and has a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation confirmed by TÜV certificates.


At the Brako factory, we produce complete products for medical needs and aids for people with physical problems and frail people. The quality of the products is recognized by a large number of global companies that cooperate with Brako.


Over the past years, investments of over 7 million euros have been made in new production halls and new state-of-the-art wire drawing machines at the Brako factory in Veles. It allows us to offer our customers a wide range of wire products of extremely high quality and competitive prices


Brako has established strong cooperation with a huge number of European companies for the production of entire machine assemblies with high sensor technology and manufactures several types of machine assemblies, metal products, semi-products or elements that are installed in state-of-the-art machines.

Fero Invest Turnkey Solutions

From the initial feasibility study, through final design project, construction and installation, up to commission and electrical energy production control, with 24/7 monitoring system for prompt reaction.

  • Fero Invest has more than 100 contracts for turnkey projects in North Macedonia, Georgia and Kosovo..
  • In every moment we can provide complete maintenance and spare parts supply services.
  • We react fast, work efficient and cost-effective.
  • Fero Invest is the partner whom you can trust.
  • Fero Invest Turnkey Solutions optimizes the hydropower investments processes and investments in other sources of renewable energy.

Our main goal is to provide you with a high level of return of investment, while minimizing the overall risk of a portfolio, with possibility of providing you with lifetime hydropower management and purchase of the produced electricity.

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FEROINVEST is a dynamic, market oriented and flexible holding, established in 2003, with over 1100 employees.


Unique turnkey offers for renewable sources, with integrated solutions, according to the needs of each client.


The satisfaction of our users always comes first. We offer excellent real-time support.


Our solutions are based on robust technologies that have significant advantages over traditional solutions of it's kind.


We produce electricity through 25 small hydroelectric plants, 3 photovoltaic plants and
1 biogas power plant.

Fero Invest's Renewable Energy Sources

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Small hydro power plants

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Photovoltaic power plants


Our Abilities

Our abilities and strengths are unmatched by decades of experience, with the team to back it up!

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  • Design

  • Crafting

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  • Testing

  • Analysis

  • Maintenance

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  • Quality

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