The FERO INVEST holding has business activities in the sector of renewable sources energy and in the metal industry sector. In the area of ​​renewable sources, FERO INVEST was the first company in the region that started with the construction of small hydroelectric plants. Today, as vertically integrated energy company with all the necessary segments, offers complete solutions for design, construction and maintenance of solar, water and biogas power plants, purchase of the produced electricity and supply of electricity to the free market. In the area of ​​metal industry and automation, FERO INVEST has four factories for: vehicles for maintaining hygiene in urban environments, heavy metal structures, wire products and medical furniture.
FERO INVEST was established in 2003 together with the sister company Central Invest runs the business by managing 30 companies in the Northern Republic Macedonia and in the world.
FERO INVEST is an LLC with about 1000 employees and is among the most successful Macedonian economic subjects. In 2022, the FERO INVEST/Central Invest group achieved 113 million euros in revenue, which represents a growth of 135% compared to 2021 year. The holding is highly competitive on foreign markets, thanks to the quality products and services it produces, as well as excellent business decisions and

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