FERO INVEST, through its companies EMS – Energy Maintenance Solutions and BRAKO, began to produce electric substations, which can be used for power plants of renewable sources of electricity, but also for other industrial facilities, for residential buildings and settlements, and for other needs of companies and citizens.

The substation was designed by the architects from FERO INVEST/EMS, the electrical equipment in the substation was made and connected by the engineers and technicians at EMS, and the metal assembly container was made by BRAKO.

The substation houses a transformer with a capacity for transformation from 10 KV to 800 V, as well as low-voltage and high-voltage cells, which makes it an ideal solution for photovoltaic power plants, but also for other power plants from renewable energy sources. The object is easily placed in the required location, with a concrete pedestal, which provides stability, and it takes only two months from order to delivery.

With this substation, FERO INVEST completes the process for the construction of power plants from renewable sources – from support in obtaining documentation and design, through construction, connection and commissioning, up to maintenance and monitoring of the operation of a power plant, as well as purchase of the produced electricity.

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