EMS performs Renewable Power Industry Maintenance programs, in responsive, planned, preventative and out-of-working-hours packages.

EMS also works as an inspection body, performing periodic and annual testing on electrical equipment and electrical power plants. The maintenance of power plants is a complex operational, logistic, and technical process, significantly influenced by the location, transport, and communications.

Equipment Optimization and Specification

Effective equipment optimization and maintenance protects your investment and improves your bottom line by minimizing downtime, extending equipment life, reducing energy and other operating costs, and optimizing performance.

Grid Connection Optimization

We participate in optimization of defining of the connection spot in the distribution network of the small hydro power plants, which is supported with the specialized software for this application. We offer consultant and expert help as mediation in the negotiations process in favor of the investor’s needs.

Electro-Mechanical Equipment Installation, Testing & Commission

EMS has developed a standard procedure for equipment installation, commissioning and SAT, which will deliver you installed and tested equipment with minimum interruption and disturbance of your operations and a clear time line provided in a project plan.


To provide for plant safety, the primary task of monitoring is to identify the plant’s individual optimum condition, recognize imminent damage early on and optimize modes of operation. We guarantee 24/7 safe and reliable operation of your hydropower plant.

Design and Construction of the Turbines

Design and construction (CFD and stress analyses) of hydraulic turbines and accompanying machine equipment. We are preparing technical documentation for factory production, coordination and organization of production process of all mechanical parts.

Automation Systems

EMS provides complex automation and SCADA solutions for all types of water processes, from engineering to startup. We plan, build, install and commission complete automation systems for hydropower plants. We optimize the overall system to achieve highest availability and efficiency at the best cost.

Inspection / Examination

EMS holds an ISO 17020 certificate of technical inspection and periodic testing of power plants and electrical equipment, including: Generators, Engines, Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers, Switches, Surge Arresters, Condensers, Lightning Protection and Grounding, Relay Protection, Batteries, Electrical Installation, etc.


Unplanned repairs, troubleshooting, or waiting for spare parts – every minute of hydropower plant downtime costs you money. We support you in each phase of the life cycle of your hydropower plant with customized and planned solutions and service packages.