• FeroInvest delivered a complete customized turnkey solution and was responsible for engineering, supply, assembly and commissioning of the plant.
  • Supply scope included the turbines, generators, and complete electrical equipment as well the entire plant control system.
  • Two new Francis turbines produced by FeroInvest
Annual Electricity Supply (MWh) 3192.
Annual Reduction of CO2 (t) 2500.
Maximum Power Operation (h) 1500.

Power Generation from Agriculture Water Supply System

Started the operation in 2017, SHPP Bosavica is using the excess water from agricultural irrigation system during the irrigation period (four mounts in the summer). During the rest of the year entire water supply is used for power generation.

Project Description

  • Installed water flow of 3 m3/s with gross head of 38 m
  • Complete electro-technical solution for two Francis turbines rated at 1.000 kW total power
  • Synchronous generators 1 x 780 kVA and 1 x 310 kVA
  • Engineering, production, supply, installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment
  • Machine automation system with process visualization

Customer Benefits

  • Customized turnkey solution
  • Cost-competitive, environmentally friendly renewable energy
  • Reliable and failsafe electro-mechanical components/systems
  • All operations in compliance with environmental and quality requirements


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Total Annual Electricity Supply (MWh)
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Total Annual Reduction of CO2 (t)
Total Installed Power (MW)

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